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Frequently Asked Questions

Bellabito Gown Guardian Wedding Dresses Guard
How do I know if the Gown Guardian is inside out?

The correct way to wear the Gown Guardian is to make sure the care tag in the back is on the outside of the garment, and the shiny side of the fabric is touching your legs when worn. This ensures that the handles at the bottom will be easily accessible when needed and the beautiful, shiny satin will show when you are using the garment.

What is the best way to put on the Gown Guardian?

We suggest gathering the shapewear in your hands until your fingers touch the satin and then step into the Gown Guardian, slowly pulling the shapewear up to the desired location on your torso. Please see instructional video for more info.

Why are there popping sounds when I put on the Gown Guardian?

The popping is simply the stitching relaxing as the shapewear is being stretched. The popping sound should stop after the garment has been tried on once or twice and will not affect the tightness of the shapewear.

How high up do I pull the Gown Guardian?

The great thing about the Gown Guardian is that it can be worn as high or low on your torso as you like. We recommend pulling the shapewear up to sit right below your bust. This helps keep the shapewear in place and alleviates the dreaded muffin top. Feel free to experiment and wear it wherever fits you the best!

Does the Gown Guardian vary in length?

The only variation in length is between styles. For example, the S, M, L, & XL A-Line styles are all the same length, the S-XL Trumpet styles are all the same length, and the S-XL Mermaid styles are all the same length. Please see the size chart for exact length measurements.

Will my dress get wrinkled when using the Gown Guardian?

To avoid possibly wrinkling the dress, we recommend not sitting directly on the Gown Guardian when it is folded around the dress. What works best when sitting while using the Gown Guardian is to sit with the Gown Guardian below your bottom, so you aren’t sitting directly on the train. The other option is to lift the Gown Guardian up to where you are sitting directly on the seat and not on the dress at all.

Do you take custom orders?

At the moment we do not, but we are planning to launch new satin color and design collections several times a year so let us know colors and designs you would love to see in the future!!

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