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Trumpet Gown Guardian


  • Comfortable shapewear to enhance every curve
  • 100% polyester satin that is lightweight yet durable
  • Multiple elastic & satin handles conveniently placed for easy use

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The Gown Guardian by Bellabito® is a patented product designed to help the bride protect her dress from dirt, stains, and tears BEFORE the wedding!  The Gown Guardian is a multi-functional product that can be used as a slip, shapewear, and dress protector all in one!  The Gown Guardian is worn under the wedding dress, as one would wear a slip, and pulled out and over the bottom of the dress and train, which encases and lifts the dress off the ground using strategically placed handles along the hem.  When the bride is ready to show off that beautiful dress, all she has to do is release the handles and the Gown Guardian retracts up under the dress where it cannot be seen!



Bellabito® has created a unique 3-in-1 product that can be used on the wedding day as shapewear, slip, and dress protector, which is specifically designed to enhance and protect the beauty of the bride and her wedding dress.

Each Gown Guardian in the collection is made with shapewear that will form to the bride’s hips and waist for a gorgeous slimming effect.

Beautiful, bridal satins in a variety of colors are used to produce very lightweight yet durable slips that add an amazingly soft layer of comfort under the dress.

Strategically placed satin handles and hidden elastic allow the Gown Guardian to be utilized as a dress protector in situations when the dress might become soiled or torn before the wedding.  The bride simply pulls the Gown Guardian out and over the dress and train by utilizing the handles when needed, which lifts them off the ground and puts a layer of protection over the bottom of the dress, and then allows the garment to retract under the dress when released

Each design in the Gown Guardian Collection is centered on enhancing the fit of different wedding dress silhouettes, so the bride looks and feels beautiful on her special day.

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